June 2018:

Due to my ArtKnit cushions supporting the V&A Pop Art Exhibition at the RAAM Museum in Exeter, The Crafts Council designated me ‘Maker of the Week’ for the week of the First of June! I am delighted! What an accolade indeed…..

‘1 June 2018
Our Maker of the Week is PennyBurdett who has created some new ArtKnit cushions for @RAMMuseum's Pop Art in Print exhibition which is on until 26 August’

So if you already own some of my cushions, that’s brilliant, and if you fancy buying one, come and see a selection in my shop, or in Exeter…



May 2018:

Very excited that my POP ArtKnit cushions are featured in the shop at Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter to support the V&A's first touring exhibition of Pop Art prints!

Pop Art in Print

‘Vibrant, sexy and very much of the moment, Pop Art reflected a fascination with the iconic status of celebrities and brands. Pop artists recognised the potential of prints to communicate ideas quickly and cheaply, creating art which both mirrored and critiqued the American Dream.

Drawing from the V&A's outstanding collection of Pop Art graphics, this is the V&A's first exhibition of Pop Art prints. Bringing together over 70 works by more than 30 artists, it offers a comprehensive and exciting view of artists working in this style from the 1960s to the early 2000s. Inspired by commercial graphics and popular culture, the movement generated an innovative and prolific culture of printmaking.’

Exhibition organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
View RAMM's exhibitions and events brochure

Location Information
Name: Gallery 21
Address: RAMM
Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
Queen St,  Exeter,  EX4 3RX

Books, prints and gifts celebrating Pop Art are available from the Shop at RAMM.

‘Have you seen the fantastic new range inspired by RAMM’s latest exhibition Pop Art in Print? This eclectic collection has everything! From books about famous Pop Artists to bright and bold jewellery, and 60s inspired accessories – and not forgetting cushions by our new artist maker Penny Burdett.’


For those of you in the West Country, it should be well worth a visit!
We also have some of these POP art cushions in stock in my shop.



March 2018:

Apparently purple is the new black this year, but I have always loved it anyway, so here is my take on it!

I am thrilled with my new necklines, surface patterns and garment shapes, and a current picture of my shop looking lovely…


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September 2017:

After many requests, I have decided to sell some of my work online!
I have resisted this until now because of the difficulties of needing to try most of my work on for the perfect fit.
At the moment I will be selling either one size garments or hats, mitts and scarves, my children’s range and my ArtKnit cushions.

For this I have recently set up an Etsy shop…please have a look and let me know what you think on the site?
Here is the link….https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PennyBurdettKnitwear  

I will be expanding my Etsy shop over the next few months, but below are some pictures of pieces that are on the site now.





July 2017:

Very proud of my entry in the Crafts Magazine, Shops and Galleries Guide 2017, page 19….below is an interactive digital copy.

And to add my shop is now operating as normal after the fire at Camden Lock




This popular Guide was printed and distributed with Crafts July-August issue and we have also published it online. It promotes the vibrant and exciting range of shops & galleries around the UK and abroad. 
We have started the regular promotion of the Guide online via our Facebook platform and e-newsletterto make sure that every collector and enthusiast will have a chance to read it and find interesting shops and galleries to feed their passion for contemporary craft and design in the year ahead.




April 2017:

I am very proud to announce that my work has recently been selected to be in the Crafts Council Makers Directory.

Here is the link… http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/maker/penny-burdett-designer-knitwear/  




March 2017:

I thought you would like to see some of my new arrivals for Spring….
Brilliant shoes from United Nude that team up so well with my own warm lightweight ‘one off’ coats!




November 2016:

Now the dust has settled, here are some pictures from the Book Launch
We all had a great time and a fair few books were sold!
There are still some available in the shop, and if I am there when you buy one, I will sign it for you.
The book ’30 Years in the Making’ is beautifully designed by Cedric Migroyan, concentrating on the Art of my Knit…
So come and have a browse!




October 2016:

Here is a sneak preview of my book  ‘30 Years in the Making’ ready for the Book Launch and Exhibition to celebrate my 30 years as a designer/maker!

The exhibition will be open every day from 12-6pm, 26-30 October at the Craft Central Gallery in Clerkenwell, London EC1.



August 2016:

To celebrate my 30th year in the business of knitwear design, I am delighted to be exhibiting my work at Craft Central, in October, a gallery renowned for the promotion of outstanding craft and design.

This exciting Exhibition will celebrate the development of my work and how the combination of art, fashion and sheer wearability has driven my designs, and will feature a timeline of my knitwear.

Over time, I have built up a significant archive of work, and a wealth of iconic photographic images of my garments and ArtKnit pieces and
I will be launching my book 30 YEARS IN THE MAKING at the Exhibition featuring this unique record of my work.



June 2016:

I now have a firm exhibition date for the 30 year celebration of my career in making and designing, and for the launch of my book celebrating my work featuring some great photographs from both my archive and current work!

I have been offered exhibition space for this show in the Craft Central Gallery in Clerkenwell in October. This Gallery has a great tradition of supporting artists such as myself, and I am looking forward to working with them.

And I am still brimming with new ideas for my knits, these two are hot off the knitting machine for the summer.…..


And this is one from 1994…




April 2016:

To celebrate my thirty years in knitwear design, I have started to work on a book about my work, its influences and development over the last thirty years, helped by my colleague Cedric, who has done my last few photo shoots. He has been digitalising my archive photos and we have unearthed some great pictures! Here are a few….

Fashion shoot 1989                                                                                Fashion shoot 1990

Fashion shoot 1997                                                                                                 Fashion shoot 1997

       Fashion shoot 1997                   



April 2016:

A picture of my new Spring dress, hot off the knitting machine!!
And some exciting new colours in the shoes from United Nude too!

This year is my 30th for my design business and I am planning to have a celebration of this in the Autumn! More news to follow…..



January 2016:

Now its getting chillier, here is a picture of some of my current wool/chenille hats….so cosy….pick a colour, any colour, and there are many more to choose from!

…and a picture of one of my classic three pattern scarves being made in the shop on my sturdy, totally manual knitting machine…no electricity, just pure arm power required…



November 2015:

I have often been asked how I make and design my knitwear, so I am posting these pictures to show you part of the process…

The tops are made in a beautiful silky viscose yarn, on the knitting machine seen in the background in the shop. These yarns are specially dyed for me in Italy …

Work in progress...                                                       ...the final result

Newly designed mohair boucle coat

…and this is one of my new knitted Autumn coats in a fine kid mohair/boucle mix, using my particular blend of yarns and colours.
The punch cards are my own designs - I have designed more than 350 to date over the nearly thirty years I have been in business!
And as for my garment shapes I am now up to design number 270….
Of course I only use a few each season and sometimes I resurrect some of my originals!

So if you want to buy a special Xmas present for someone you love or just for yourself, my garments not only look beautiful, but are locally produced in high quality yarns, and last for years, so please come and have a peruse..



October 2015:

The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in…
A sure sign that you need a warm winter coat and a cosy knitted scarf or two!
Here are some of my new pieces to tempt you….

The coats are made of a pure boiled wool fabric, making them beautifully windproof and the scarves are a fine kid mohair/boucle mix, statement pieces made in the shop, so soft and warm…



September 2015:

These lovely ladies on my POP ArtKnit cushions will brighten your day…
Each one a piece of ART!!!



May 2015:

New in the shop….some lovely flowing pure linen clothing from FLAX….Tops, tunics, dresses and jackets, just perfect for the summer days to come!



March 2015:

Put a Spring in your step with these lovely new shoes from United Nude, WOW what Art pieces! And they are sitting on Margo Selby’s equally beautiful silk scarves, just delivered!



February 20015:

Marilyn’s lips….specially designed with Valentine’s day in mind, but just lovely to wear anytime when the wind blows cold….

And they team up brilliantly with these bangles from Hazel Atkinson too….



January 2015:

My special range of children’s knits to keep your little ones cosy and cheerful in this cold weather!
They machine wash up a treat too!



December 2014:

This year, the Save the Children Xmas jumper day is on Friday December 12th


When you donate to the campaign in my shop you will be given a knitted miniature jumper badge.….


which will also enter you into our prize draw to WIN one of my knits pictured here, a child jumper or a scarf, designed and made specially for the event!!!

We had such fun supporting this campaign last year, most people giving on average £5, and this year, your money will go even further because every pound you give will be match-funded by the UK government – doubling your donations!



November 2014:

It’s getting colder, so what better time than to come and try on my new range of scarves, hats and gloves? And tempt yourself to a stylish pair of shoes perhaps?

And you don’t even have to feel guilty, as my knits are either craft made here in the shop or very locally, so you can feel proud to support a very sustainable small design business!



October 2014:

New Autumn/Winter stock is coming in thick and fast! How can you resist these gorgeous boiled wool Winter coats in glorious colours, from France? ….as you can see, they go so well with the new Margo Selby scarves too!



September 2014:

The Autumn range from Capri is now in the shop. Great shapes and fabrics, so easy to wear!




July 2014:

Look how we WRAPPED THE LOCK for Camden Lock Live! We got to the other side of the West Yard….and raised £100 for Centre 404!

What a joyful day it was! A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you who took part in the BIGKNIT!!!! Everyone did their own colour stripe…



Customer comments!

‘Lovely day with you Penny, thank you so much. Thanks again, Love Jill’

‘How beautiful! And it sounds like so much fun. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to join you, but all good wishes,


‘it was very nice to be a part of your project! Andi’

‘it looks cool, like a spider web! Tom’

 ‘Congratulations Penny, what a fabulous event!  Wish I could have been there.  (Love the last photo!!!) Best wishes, Cheryl ‘

 ‘Fantastic   -  Congratulations!  A wonderful community effort! Best wishes, Linda’

 ‘Wow ! Indeed this is a magnificent piece. 

What you achieved is fantastic. I am really sad I wasn’t been able to see that live. 

I guess you have been well rewarded by the visitors at your shop, it must be really nice to share your passion with all of them. All my best and Bravo l'artiste !!! Cedric’

‘wow wow wow, Erika’

‘I will add £10 to the sponsorship! I had a  really enjoyable day with you and had great fun and I know Daphne and Lizzie also enjoyed their time at the Big Knit. Finally I want to say a BIG THANKYOU to you Penny for staging such a creative and fun event. With warmest wishes, Linda’



July 2014:

My WRAP THE LOCK #wrapthelock piece of knitting, is growing apace!!


I am encouraging the public to come and help me complete the piece, on my knitting machine in the shop on the 11th, anytime from 11am to 7pm! Don’t worry I will be there to supervise!

We will change the yarn colour for each new knitter, for a wonderful stripe effect at the end of the BIGKNIT and there will also be opportunities to be personally wrapped for a photo too!

On the day, we will also be raising money for a local charity www.centre404.org.uk which does sterling work supporting the needs of children and adults with a learning disability and family carers, in Camden and Islington.

We hope to see you on the 11th! We will be open till 9pm that evening and there are lots of great events going on around the site for Camden Lock Live www.camdenlockmarket.com



June 2014:

I am organising an exciting Art Event from my shop on Friday the 11th July!!!!

I am aiming to WRAP THE LOCK with a piece of knitting, that winds its way from my knitting machine, out of the door and round the balcony to the other side….

This is an idea I have been developing for some considerable time and the perfect moment has come for it to coincide with the CAMDEN LOCK LIVE event happening on that day, when there will be lots going on all day and well into the evening.

As you can see from the pictures below, I have already started….

                              The start......


                          The same piece out to the door……………and continuing beyond with pattern…….

I would like to encourage you to come and help me complete the piece on the 11th!
Try your hand at a little machine knitting…don’t worry I will be there to supervise!
We will also be raising money for a local charity, so it would be great if you can sponsor this event per metre!!!!!

 Like us on Facebook… www.facebook.com/PennyBurdettKnitwear

And follow us on twitter... www.twitter.com/PennyBurdett  #wrapthelock @camdenlocklive



May 2014:

We have the most beautiful silk and silk/linen garments from GRIZAS in the shop,
such a delight to wear, and so timeless….real sustainable clothing!!



April 2014:

The big Matisse Cut-outs Show is opening this week at Tate Modern,
so here is a selection of my ‘Mostly Matisse’ ArtKnit cushions to celebrate the event! What joy!




March 2014:

Some wonderful new items that are in the shop now!
Absolutely fab Art shoes from United Nude in two colours and brilliant jewellery from Modjool, sitting on scarves from Margo Selby….
I hope they excite you as much as they do me….



February 2014:

Spring is just round the corner, the perfect time to buy that special Spring coat…..



December 2013:

We are going to support the Save the Children Xmas jumper day this year…..SAVE THE DATE!!


When you donate to the campaign in my shop you will be given a knitted miniature jumper badge.….

which will also enter you into our prize draw to win one of my knits made specially for the event!!!
either a sweater, or a scarf and hat set! 

AND our shop and the whole of Camden Lock will be open until 9pm or later on that day….
and on the 12 and 14th December too…. with lots of fun events going on, like ours, so we hope you will come and support us and do a bit of Xmas shopping at the same time!


                               my ArtKnit cushions                                  new Margo Selby scarves



November 2013:

Despite the BIG STORM, our Best Balcony Party on Tuesday 29th October did go ahead!!
In fact it was a lovely day weather wise, and Amanda and I had great fun entertaining you that evening!
Here are some pictures….

Anna looking lovely in one of my newest designs /Amanda outside her welcoming shop, right next door to mine

Sweet Freya in my new little girls dress perched among my Artknit cushions

We have been knitting like crazy too, to make enough hats, scarves and mitts for Xmas, they make such brilliant presents, craft made here in the shop, so….hope to see you soon!


October 2013:

Despite the BIG STORM, our Best Balcony Party on
Tuesday 29th October from 4 to 8pm will go ahead!!

Divert yourself from the day to day, with fashion, fun and frivolity!!

Bring your friends along for some early Xmas shopping and relax with a glass of Prosecco, a red wine or a Hot Chocolate!

We will hold a mini fashion show between the two shops, so you can try on and see items modelled on real women, from a selection of Penny Burdett’s Designer Knitwear and the lovely lingerie from What Every Girl Wants…

There will also be a professional fitting service and perfume demonstrations throughout the evening and as a special treat we will offer, to all of you who purchase at the event, a 20% discount, PLUS a special discount voucher valid for December!

So what's not to love? Hope to see you there!


47 and 48 West Yard
Camden Lock



September 2013:

New in for the AUTUMN wonderful boiled wool coats from France and a very wearable range from a new brand called CAPRI too….

Go on be tempted!



August 2013:

Elvis and Marilyn are back in my shop at last!
Check them out before they leave!!!



June 2013:

At last I have had time to make some more of my drop stitch/patterned- tops/dresses…very special.
Of course they are more practical with a slip under them and over a skirt or leggings! But these pictures WERE taken at my Fashion Show, so we were a bit more daring!!!

By the way I am now on Facebook.......      


May 2013:

Now the weather is getting warmer, here are some pictures of my Spring/Summer range from Lauren Vidal….very floaty and feminine…



April 2013:

This month, I am celebrating the opening of my lovely shop in Camden Lock’s West Yard, TEN years ago!!! 

So thank you all for continuing to support my work as an independent designer/maker! 

Below is a small selection of shop views featuring my designs….

dresses                                                                                     cream and black coat

      hats and mitts                                                                                     children’s range      


March 2013:

On the 7th March we are holding a special event in the shop to support Oxfam’s yearly International Women’s Day appeal, which we had great fun supporting last year with our Fashion Show!

This year, I am asking you to come to the shop wearing my designs on Thursday 7th March.

If you are wearing my work on the day, you will get a 10% discount on any full priced article. I will also be donating £5 per sale to the Women’s day appeal.

I hope you might support the campaign too! www.oxfam.org.uk/get-together 

It is always so much fun to see my work being worn. As I have been designing for over 26 years, I think there are probably some vintage pieces out there by now!  

And just to add, I am very pleased with another new coat I have recently designed for Spring…



February 2013:

I have had a recent delivery of Margo Selby’s lovely scarves, and new to the shop, some exciting contemporary jewellery by a company called MODJOOL!!
Both worth popping into the shop to see!



January 2013:

I have just designed a new Spring coat.
It is made with my warm mohair/boucle mix and on colder days will double as an inside jacket!
The dress under it is also a new design, worn with my very contemporary jewellery from Etnika, lovely for that Special occasion!



December 2012:

I am very excited, I have just made a new range of my ArtKnit cushions – ‘mostly Matisse’ – I love his work!
What a very special present….!!



November 2012:

You are invited to a Special late evening in my shop on Thursday 29th November.
We will be open until 9pm to give you an opportunity to come and find some great Xmas presents, along with a cheery glass of wine and a mince pie or two!
For those of you that visit on the night, I will also be offering you an exclusive discount on my Lauren Vidal range.

This event coincides with the The Night Market at Camden Lock • 5pm until 10pm
which will feature We Make London, a creative organisation dedicated to supporting British designer-makers by offering them the opportunity to affordably sell and promote their work to a wider market through events and fairs dedicated to showcasing their work.

I have a page (see below) featuring my work in the new book published by We Make London about designer/makers working in the Capital, that was launched recently.
It is called Inspired London which I will be stocking it in the shop.



July 2012:

I have at last had a chance to make some more of my POP ART cushions!
My shop has been looking sad without them…They are fast becoming collector’s items.

p.s. they won’t let you into the Olympics with the Elvis/Pepsi one!!!!



Aril 2012:

Pictures from the Fashion Show to support the Oxfam womankind campaign.… 


          Penny Burdett                                                         Penny Burdett


           Andrea Toth                                                           Lauren Vidal

 As you can see it was a wonderful occasion with lovely models and great photographs!! Thanks to everyone involved, they all did a brilliant job.
I would say it’s the best show I have ever done! 

I continue to design unusual pieces which are available only from my shop.
Andrea Toth also produced a lovely new collection available from the shop too.
And the Lauren Vidal range is a specialised French Design label, sold in boutiques like mine rather than the big stores.



March 2012:

You are invited to a very special Fashion Show on Wednesday 28th March to support the Oxfam womankind campaign.…

The show will be held at Lockside Lounge, 75-89 Camden Lock Place, the very classy bar opposite my shop in the West Yard, and will feature some of my newer designs (see above) and recent work from Andrea Toth who showed with me at our last show.  

We will also feature some of the new Lauren Vidal Spring/Summer range and Dan from Lockside has promised us a brand new cocktail the ‘Fashionista’ to celebrate the occasion in style!!!! 

This event is slightly later than actual Women’s day on the 8th March, but it will still be in the spirit of it all… 

Free entry will be by guest list only, so to be included, please email me at info@pennyburdett.co.uk or call the shop on 020 7482 6630. 

I will be donating 10% of any sales made from the show to Oxfam

Look forward to seeing you there, please tell your friends about it too and make it a great night for both Oxfam and all of us!!!!





November 2011:

I have recently had a delivery of some unusual jewellery by Etnika…perfect for that party outfit!

And at very reasonable prices too…. a small selection below…..

Necklaces £42 - £60

Bangles £36



October 2011:

Just a reminder, now the weather is turning more seasonal, of the some of the delightfully cosy garments I have in my shop…





June 2011:

I found a small selection of the most beautiful antique silk coats at a recent show I went to, and I couldn’t resist buying them for the shop.

They are all one off pieces and I only have these five in the various colours and sizes they come in….. they are all unrepeatable.

Quite simply magnificent… a collectors item, at £250 a piece!

Pictures below….




April 2011:

Thought you might like to see some pictures from my latest Fashion shoot….

I was so pleased with them!….. all these pieces are available in my shop now, in a wide range of sizes…..



March 2011:

The first delivery of my new Spring range from Lauren Vidal has just come in!
Very feminine and flattering shapes in crushed fabric edged with fine net and featuring unusual detail, they come in a wide range of sizes.
They layer up beautifully, travel well and are easy to care for.
This Season colours are pale smoky pink, cream, gentian purple and deep petrol.
It’s quite hard to do them justice in a photograph!


Dress £95, long jacket £115, wide pants £65, necklace £33, short jacket £69, flower dress £120



February 2011:

I thought you might be interested in a recent project I have been involved in….

I was asked to make some distressed knitted panels for a play called ‘The Knitting Circle’ at the Soho Theatre in Dean Street (West End, London). It is set in a mental institution, thus the distress!

As a designer it has been a fascinating experience and has given me lots of ideas for new garments!
Watch this space…..!!!

Here are pictures of some of the panels I produced….



December 2010:

Just to let you know I now have some new wonderful jewellery from Jane Adam in stock, very, very special!!



November 2010:

Well winter sure has come early this year! We have been busy making hats, scarves and mitts to keep you warm! …they make lovely presents too…as featured in Time Out

Long scarves £55, short (not shown) £25, hats £25, matching mitts (not shown) £15

now also available at the Apple Market, Covent Garden on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Below are some pictures from my recent Fashion show, so if you are looking for something special to wear for that Xmas party….

mulberry mid dress £150     gentian long dress £299 bolero £69    patterned top £130, skirt £90



September 2010:

I am delighted to tell you that I am holding a Fashion show on October 6th - in conjunction with Lockside Lounge, the classiest bar in Camden.
Featuring my new designs and the work of up and coming designer, Andrea Toth.

Andrea, a recent MA graduate from the London College of Fashion produces the most delicate evening knits which she cleverly combines with fine net fabrics and light tweeds.
They compliment my newest knits beautifully, as does my new seasons range from Lauren Vidal….

This is a quote about my work from a ‘fan who lives in Sweden' :
“I love the way your clothes feel on my body, the sway and beauty of the lines as I am walking - it is as if I am always dancing”

“a delight to wear, both feminine and beguiling, working so well on the more womanly figure too…”

Venue:       Lockside Lounge, Camden Lock, Camden NW1 8AF on October 6th at 7 for 7.30pm.

As there is limited space, invites will be by guest list only, so if you would like to come please email me on info@pennyburdett.co.uk to book a place



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